Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's That Time of Year

And so it is back to school for children all over North America. For those of you mothers with kids heading back, or starting school for the first time, the season may bring a host of challenges: getting kids up on time, making breakfasts in a hurry, helping your little one(s) catch the bus, or perhaps driving them to school... is their hair done, are their faces clean, do they have their books, do they have their lunch and what IS for lunch?
Even though my little one isn't school age yet, I have been getting excited about lunches. Well, not lunches in general, but a certain "type" of lunch for moms and kids on the go.... and perhaps even dads? So, whether your kids are in school or not, if you're a mom on the go and want to pack healthy, fun lunches for you and your kiddo(s), I just thought I'd share a link that I have been enjoying lately.
Okay, so maybe we don't all have time to be THAT creative, but even if I could be HALF that creative with a lunch I'm sure eating in the car between grocery runs, doctor's visits, playgroup and errands would be not only that much more fun, but SO much more healthy.
You can find tons of Bento merchandise on Amazon, and if you're lucky enough to have a Japanese grocery store in your area, most carry Bento boxes and accessories as well.
Happy packing, and bon appetite!

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