Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Month Of Babyfood

I wonder if I am the only mom out there who is frustrated by the selection (or lack thereof) in the babyfood aisle at the grocery store. Aren't babies able to eat more than peas, carrots, green beans and yams?  When my daughter began solids a few months ago, I very quickly began feeling that I was feeding her the same thing over and over... where's the variety? After mulling that question over in my head for a few hours, I realized the answer: it's in the produce aisle!
Making your own babyfood certainly is a bit more work, but I would argue that it is more than worth it. Certainly there are some foods that you should be careful of, and certainly you should only introduce one new food at a time, and be aware of any reaction your baby may have to a new food (I recently discovered that my daughter is allergic to strawberries). As long as you follow these guidelines and your own common sense, creating your own babyfood should be a fun adventure!
In order to encourage you, whoever may be reading this, I am dedicating this month to homemade babyfood. I will share what I am making, what new recipes I am inventing and trying, what I end up spending on homemade babyfood, and of course, what my daughter thinks of her food.
So raise a jar, or an ice cube tray, and let's begin!

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  1. Glad to see this! I've been planning on doing our own baby food as well. I don't think my Mom ever bought jars of baby food. Much better to do it yourself. Looking forward to hearing your experiences!